iphone wireless charging 5c [iPhone]

Revocharge - Wireless Charging System for iPhone 6 6 Plus
Revocharge is the most advanced wireless charging for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus on the go.(続きを読む)

iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple Eyeing New Method Of Charging The Smartphone Battery
Apple is anticipated to unwrap its iPhone 8 in the second half of 2017. Leaks pertaining to the handset are swirling online and the latest buzz is that the iPhone 8 will offer wireless charging technology support. The iPhone 8 would come with a(続きを読む)

スマホを2台持ちしようと思うのですが、アイフォンとアンドロイドどちらを買ったらいいと思いますか? 今使っているのはアイフォンです。 2つの違いは何ですか? 回答お待ちしております。(続きを読む)